Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Old Fashioned Alpha

I think you might like this book – "The Old-Fashioned Alpha" by K.S. Martin. Start reading it for free:

Book - 

Jess has always been an introvert but is on a quest to find her backbone. Men scare her, but she knows that she has to have one if she’s to have children and the house with the picket fence that she’s always wanted. When she loses a battle with the coffee machine, a hot police officer stalks her back to her office with the cup she couldn’t get on her own. He wants to take her out, but all she can seem to focus on is the weapon holstered at his side that scares the wits out of her.
James is an Alpha and new to the area. He is already in control of his pack and now he has located his mate. All he needs to do is pull her out of her shell and into his arms. He must convince her that he isn’t insane, that werewolves are real and not nearly as frightening as she imagined.

Author info- 

K.S. Martin lives in the southeastern part of the US with her family and dog. She loves to write but doesn't always have the time to spend that she would like in the world of romance, werewolves and alphas. However, when she finds the time she loves to let her imagination run wild. We hope that you love reading the books as much as she enjoys writing them!

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I enjoyed this book. A great new voice in this genre.  Give it a try if you enjoy shifter romance. Looking forward to reading more from this author. Lisa

Cocky Chef

I think you might like this book – "Cocky Chef" by JD Hawkins. Start reading it for free:

Free with Kindle Unlimited. 

You can call me arrogant as much as you want. But when you're the best at what you do and have the hottest restaurant on the west coast, with enough Michelin stars to make Gordon Ramsay's head spin, you've earned the right to your confidence.

When I give an instruction in the kitchen, it's not a suggestion--it's an order. So when a new chef thinks she can do things her way, and dares to say so to my face, even her sharp wit and gorgeous pouty lips don't make it okay.

But I have to admit, she's got talent. She's creative in the kitchen and not even that double-breasted chef jacket can hide her perfect body. As I get to know her, I can't help wanting to know everything she thinks. I've never met a more talented chef. And I've never met a sassier and sexier woman in my life.

There's only one way this push and pull can end.

With her in my bed, begging for more.

Book Recommendation- 

Look out Ramsey there a new LA  chef. This kitchen will never be the same. But a fun story and great read.Lisa

Immortal Unchained

I think you might like this book – "Immortal Unchained: An Argeneau Novel" by Lynsay Sands. Start reading it for free:

In a spellbinding new Argeneau novel from New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands, a dangerous rescue is just the beginning of red-hot adventure…
Ever since Domitian Argenis recognized Sarita as his life mate, he’s been waiting for the perfect moment to claim her. Those fantasies did not include him being chained to a table in a secret lab or both of them being held hostage by a mad scientist. Somehow, they have to escape…
Sarita has seen some crazy things as a cop, but nothing to rival Domitian. A vampire? Seriously? But his healing ability, incredible powers, and their mind-blowing physical connection—none of it should be possible, yet her body knows differently. Now, not only do they have to save each other, but other innocent lives are at stake. Failure is not an option, for Sarita intends that Domitian show her exactly what an eternity of pleasure feels like…

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From the local library:
The newest book in this series set in Argentina this is another winner. If You are a fan don't miss this one.Lisa

Friday, August 18, 2017

Review- Sanctuary

My Review
Another great book from this author. A  great shifter book featuring a human female (Gemma) and wolf alpha Eric. Hes tracking a rouge shifter when he comes across her wolf sanctuary thats not only for wild wolves but for lost sifters.  But in the mist of the chase Eric has found his mate. But hes an alpha with a cause and a pack -and a mate that has concerns and cant move. But these two find away to make it work in the name of love,.   Lisa 

Drowning in debt, the owner of Stone’s Wolf Sanctuary, Gemma Stone, is as exhausted as she is determined. Not only does she have to win over frightened, injured wolves daily, but she’s tired of those threatening to close her sanctuary down. 

It’s not until Eric Jackson walked into her life that she sees a light at the end of the lonely tunnel she’s been traveling. To the surprise of both, they have more in common than either could have ever imagined

Selected Sinners Box Set

My Review- 7 book box set . Each book is a key member of the Select Sinners MC.Starting with book 1- the President of the Club And his lady  .Each book features a couple living and loving the MC way.   Lisa 
S great box set of the Snners MC romances. Each book is a winner with strong women and hot bikers

Save $25.00 (if purchased individually). With over 9,000 Goodreads reviews and a 4+ star average, this series is not to be missed. Two of the books (Otis and HUNG) won Kindle All Star Awards, and as an author, I won a Kindle All Star award for HUNG. These books were all International #1 Bestsellers, and still remain on sale at $3.99/each. Here's your chance to save $25, and get all the books in one place. 

Great deal if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, as you can read seven books at once. 

Included are:

Making the Cut (Older man/Biker Romance)
Taking the Heat (Former Marine/Biker Romance)
Otis (Second Chance Romance when two high school sweethearts rekindle the old flame. Sex in public is abundant.)
HUNG (Need I say more?)
Money Shot (Book reviewer falls for biker)
Ex-Con (Prison/ex-con Romance)
Hard Corps (Military/Biker Romance)

These books are STEAMY Contemporary romance, and the author nor the publisher take responsibility for setting your Kindle ablaze. Read at your own risk. 

Each novel is a stand alone with an HEA and no cliffhanger. They have no cheating, no sex outside the relationship, and no abuse of women. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

One True mate Julie Trettle

Kelsey Adams is alone, and has been since childhood. Running away is all she knows and necessary to preserve her deepest, darkest secret. She can not afford for anyone to get close, or know about the monster within. But when she lands a lucrative job as an administrative assistant to Kyle Westin, CEO of the Westin Foundation, her life changes and everything's at stake. Can she conceal her growing feelings and her true self from this enigmatic, strong willed man, or will her world fall apart? 

Kyle Westin, an alpha male who always gets what he wants, has watched and waited for the little she-wolf he knows is his perfect mate to show any signs of recognition. For two years he endures her unnecessary formality and daily rejections with a patience he did not he possessed. But even Kyle has his limits.... Can he make Kelsey notice him as someone other than her boss and break down the walls she built around her heart? Or will Kelsey do what she has always done --- run? 

True mates

She's a lonely she wolf that ends up in pack territory. And the mate to the future alpha of the Weston pack but trouble coming.Great book enjoyed the characters and the book

Shelter for Sophie

I think you might like this book – "Shelter for Sophie (Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes Book 8)" by Susan Stoker. Start reading it for free:

Book 8 - Cheif from the fire department and Sophie who works for the burn lab. A misunderstanding between the two starts a beautiful story between two people fighting for love and acceptance. Great book.  Lisa

The Old Fashioned Alpha