Friday, August 18, 2017

Review- Sanctuary

My Review
Another great book from this author. A  great shifter book featuring a human female (Gemma) and wolf alpha Eric. Hes tracking a rouge shifter when he comes across her wolf sanctuary thats not only for wild wolves but for lost sifters.  But in the mist of the chase Eric has found his mate. But hes an alpha with a cause and a pack -and a mate that has concerns and cant move. But these two find away to make it work in the name of love,.   Lisa 

Drowning in debt, the owner of Stone’s Wolf Sanctuary, Gemma Stone, is as exhausted as she is determined. Not only does she have to win over frightened, injured wolves daily, but she’s tired of those threatening to close her sanctuary down. 

It’s not until Eric Jackson walked into her life that she sees a light at the end of the lonely tunnel she’s been traveling. To the surprise of both, they have more in common than either could have ever imagined

Reaper Unleashed