Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Turning Wheels

✮ (¸.•´✶ Turning Wheels (Satan’s Devils MC #1•*´¨)*´¨

All I did was try to help my best friend escape her abusive boyfriend. And for that I ended up in a wheelchair. Life’s no longer worth living. No man will want me now. But my nightmare is only beginning. Ethan wants me as leverage to get his woman back.

I end up under the protection of the Satan’s Devils, an outlaw motorcycle club in Arizona. The woman I was would have been in her element among a group of handsome, rugged bikers; the disabled woman I am now feels scared and vulnerable, and soon I find this isn’t the safest place to hide.

But with a contract out on me, there’s nowhere else for me to go. There’s one reason for me to stay, the VP of the Satan’s Devils who teaches me to feel like a whole woman again.


She doesn’t fit into our world. Fuck, even if she wasn’t in that damn wheelchair she’d be out of her element. But as soon as I saw her something attracted me to her.

From the start I wanted her, but she thinks she’s undesirable and is scared of taking a man to her bed as though her disability defines who she is. I’m going to need to teach her she’s wrong.

But before I can take my chance everything goes to shit. She’s under our protection, but we fail to protect her from one of our own.
This was the first time reading this author and was glad to get a chance to read this first book in series. I;am a recent fan of MC romance and this was a great one. Sophia is hurt and running from trouble when she comes to the NC but with strength and courage she comes through. As any civilian she has trouble adjusting to there way of life but finds herself a new family in the Satan Devils. Wraith is your typical biker-rough ,alpha and hot biker but finds something in Sophie(wheels). Once he claims her all in to change her mine about MC, him and life. If you enjoy a hot MC romance buy this book and hang on for the ride. Looking forward to Drums book next.

The Old Fashioned Alpha