Friday, January 20, 2017

Seals of Honor -Chase

Everyone has something in their history they’d like to keep buried in the past…
Chase has more than most. And his secrets are about to blow wide open as one really bad part of his past has come looking for him.

Vanessa is all about moving forward in her life and not looking back. There are enough painful memories in her history for a lifetime.

But when she gets embroiled in Chase’s problems, they become her problems too.

Both need to deal with their pasts, because if they don’t, they might no longer have a future.

This is book 9 in this exciting book series. Chase and his Seal team rescued a family while on a mission and bring them back to America. Vanessa is a social worker assigned to them to help them deal with all the new things. But both Chase and Vanessa have secrets but those secrets make them stronger.
    This is book 9 but this series is still a page turner, We have lots of action and suspense with great characters. A perfect match of romance and suspense -like Chase is to Vanessa 

One True mate Julie Trettle