Sunday, January 8, 2017

Broken Boundaries Kaitlyn Ashley

Kylie has always cared for her brother's best friend, Hunter. They've known each other nearly their whole lives; the three of them nearly inseparable until Kylie went off to college.

With her first year of college out of the way and a whole new perspective on her life back home, Kylie decides that going away to college isn't all it's cracked up to be, so she moves back home. The instant she sees Hunter again, Kylie realizes just how hard it's going to be to fight her attraction to someone who has become so much more to her.

Hunter is an athlete at heart; practicing, playing, breathing soccer is all he has ever known. All everyone ever thought he wanted, but Hunter has been holding back. As his senior year closes and scouts come calling, he knows it's time to decide what he really wants. It’s not soccer though; it’s Kylie.

As the two become closer than ever before, obstacles arise, putting their relationship to the test. Will they be able to come together as one, or will those boundaries permanently be broken?..


 This ARC was a gift from the author.  This is this authors debut book. I'am amazed that a college student did this -Congratulations ! 
 As Mark Twain said - Write what you know and she did. This is a college age book with three main characters going thru life's problems. Kylie -our female lead , college student, sister and  love interest. Luke -her brother, student and Hunters best friend. Hunter- soccer player,student and Kylie boyfriend. All three has there problems and deal with life in different way. This book will continue into next book which she states will be down in the spring -hopefully more details and more story will come out. I;am not a real big fan of cliffhangers but I'am interested to see this authors next book. Good Luck and Keep writing.   

Kaitlyn Ashley is a young college student pursuing her dream of being a writer. While she’s not studying to be a history teacher, she’s either writing, working, reading, or watching sports, especially football and baseball! Her favorite things include summer, coffee, sarcasm, and of course being curled up with a good book. She currently resides in North Carolina, after having moved there from sunny Southern California.

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