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Storm Damaged

In a world where humans don’t know mermaids exist, Mari leaves her home in the ocean to escape her mother, her betrothed, and her tribe’s expectations in order to make a go of independence on land. Chase, former Navy diver and self-appointed curmudgeon-who-isn’t-worthy-of-love, lost his brother in a freak diving accident and now fears the ocean he once loved.

When a hurricane threatens, they have to work together to save everything they've worked so hard to build. With Mari's betrothed on the rampage over a centuries-old vendetta, the storm isn't the worst thing they'll have to face.

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Read an Excerpt:

Mari’s lower lip trembled and she rubbed her palms against her knees and looked back toward

Inna. She was in trouble.

Big trouble.

Inna stood, unmoving, and staring at her. She reached to her throat, but words had dried on her

tongue. She shook her head as tears sprang to her eyes. This couldn’t be happening. Not now. Not when

she was finally getting Chase to relax. Not when she thought things were finally getting better. Not when

she’d finally pushed her betrothal out of her mind, at least for the moment.

Mari looked from Chase to Inna, then back to Chase. What to do? What to say? The only way

this situation could be worse was if Inna saw everything… Oh gods, how long had he been watching?

He’d kill them both.

“He’s been watching.” Had she spoken aloud, or was her mind screaming? She blinked away the

tears and wiped away the trails on her cheeks. It felt like her frightened heart had expanded and she

couldn’t breathe. Inna was going to kill them.

Chase jerked upright. “He couldn’t have seen anything inside the cart. It’s okay. He didn’t see


The setting sun streamed across the park, casting long shadows of rides onto the empty beach

like an invading army of giant insects. Inna’s thick shadow moved swiftly along the ground. One thing

was for sure, Inna had seen enough to be pissed.

He was headed directly for them.

About Kerry Adrienne:

Repped by the fabulous Marisa Corvisiero with the Corvisiero Literary Agency.
Kerry loves history and spends large amounts of time wondering about people who lived and walked on Earth in the past. She’s a mom to three daughters, six cats, and various small animals. Her husband says she’s a marketer’s dream, as she often believes everything she hears—at least initially. Her shoe horde will attest to her fine shopping skills.

In addition to writing, Kerry loves to sew (costumes and cosplay, especially), draw, paint, make chainmail, and play guitar.

Her new love is her Mini Cooper Convertible, Sheldon, and they have already gone on many adventures. They travel to as many concerts as they can–especially Green Day and Marilyn Manson.

You can visit her much-neglected costuming blog here: Maybe she’ll have time to update it soon.

Connect with Kerry: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | Goodreads

Q & A  with Kerry-

Why mermaids?

 It’s a good question. We do see lots of other shifters—wolves, bears, lions (and I write those, too!). But mermaids are a hard sell both to publishers and readers. I really don’t know why that is. To me, mermaids are magical and wonderful. They are beautiful and mysterious and they hung around pirates! What’s not to love? They get to swim with dolphins and whales and navigate the deep oceans. I think their mythos is pretty special.

I am only speculating, but maybe people don’t want to read a book that is set under the water. And that really is a challenge. It’s hard to talk under the water. Objects don’t behave in the same way. You can’t hear the same way. You don’t even move the same way. So, it’s like a completely foreign land and that may turn away some readers.

Storm Damaged isn’t the first mermaid novel I’ve written. But I call Storm Damaged “mermaid-lite”. 98% of the book takes place on land. There are no underwater conversations. We do see the heroine shift from human to mermaid and some other mermaid action, but the book is mostly set on land. All the sexy times in this book are on land. (The hero is afraid of the water) I wanted the book to be about Mari’s journey to independence, and that meant getting away from her mother and her betrothed and making a living on her own on land. Her mother isn’t fond of her decision but is allowing her to have a store (called The Mermaid’s Purse). Her betrothed is another matter.

Storm Damaged was an example of me writing a book when I knew the subject matter wasn’t going to be wildly received. I wrote it because I loved the topic. And I enjoyed writing Mari and Chase’s story. I do hope that people will give the book a chance and not dismiss it because it has a mermaid in it. The hero is an ex-Navy Diver, Chase, and he lost his brother in a freak diving accident. He’s guilt-ridden because he didn’t save his brother and now he suffers PTSD around the water. Since he owns a bar on the beach (and Mari rents out a shop downstairs), he’s trying to sell his bar and get away from the ocean and all the bad memories.

There’s a hurricane brewing off shore and it makes a quick turn, cutting off the ferries and stranding the couple on the island, which makes for a long night. On top of it all, Mari (the heroine) is betrothed to be married and her betrothed shows up to bring her home. She has no intention of marrying him and he isn’t happy to see her and Chase together.

I wish there were more mermaid romances out there. I would love to read more of them. I love the mystery and the mythos around the sea and its inhabitants. Going all the way back to the Sirens of Ancient Greece, mermaids and their ilk have been fascinating to me.

STORM DAMAGED by Kerry Adrienne!

In another time and place, she’d be exactly the kind of woman he’d want to date. And more. If only…

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