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Finding His Treasure

Earth has been at war with itself for seven years now and Meeks is all alone. By accident she witnesses an alien spaceship shot down and when the alien emerges from the crash he is not happy even though he is not what she expected to see. Taken prisoner by the alien, she now faces a life on another planet with an incredibly good looking man who sets her on fire, but has intentions of selling her to pay for a new ship. Is there a way for her to remain with the one man who has found his way into her heart? 

Saxon came to check on Earth. For thousands of years his people have been traveling to Earth, even interacting with the humans. Instead of finding Earth in the same condition he last left it, he is shot down by humans. At first he believes it to be the female he sees when he emerges from his smoking ship. He takes her as his prisoner but quickly realizes she is something more to him and has no plans on selling her. But, once he has her back on his home planet, trouble arises within the council he leads. One man stands in Saxon's way of finding happiness with the human he has claimed for his mate. One man who will try to stop their love from developing by taking her from him.

This book is part of a series and is not a stand alone book. Please read Finding His Treasure to fully understand the story. 

Hannah had been kidnapped and tortured by the ruling brothers' Uncle Horran and his accomplice Giro. Never in all her life did she think she would be rescued by the gentle giant Navorque Commander who pulled her from the cage she was kept in. Wanting to return to Earth, Hannah needs time to recover and to find a way home. But, Danner has other plans in store for her. He teaches her that she can have a life on Navorque, but what she doesn't know, is Danner wants her life to include him. An opportunity may have come when Hannah meets one of the Council members who will traveling to Earth soon. Should she go or should she stay? Only her heart can make the right choice for her. 

Danner, second in command of the planet Navorque, is horrified when he discovers the small, fragile human female cowering away from him in the locked cage in his uncle's torture chamber. He instantly knows that this frightened female is his long awaited mate! Taking control of the situation, Danner whisks the female named Hannah away. He vows to protect and care for her but needs to convince her to stay with him on Navorque. Hannah wants to return to her devastated planet, Earth, even though she has no home left there. Is he willing to give her up if he cannot convince her how much he cares for her? Would he be willing to go to Earth with her? When Hannah's life is put in danger again by one of the men who had kidnapped her, Danner will do anything to save his mate. He only has to get there in time to rescue his treasure!

Meet the author-   Rebecca Lorino  Pond

Why Romance that are Sci-fi?
I chose this genre because it allows me to go wild with my imagination. There really isn't any kind of research I have to do even though I have looked up this in outer space for reference. A lot of my fans like the Sci-fi romance since it takes a reader to a whole new world that can only be dreamed of.

How do I get my ideas?
Well, originally I used to dream the ideas. Now, I just try to think of different worlds I can come up with and go with it. Sometimes a certain picture or clip from a movie can trigger an idea. My characters are strictly from my imagination. Names, well, I use a name generator or I stare at the key board until letters form to make a name. Weird I know!

Sky Riders 4 books?
My Sky Riders series is my best selling series! At first I only planned on the 4 books but before I finished the last one, I decided I didn't want to end it just yet so in the prologue I left it open for another book which I plan on writing in the coming months. 

New book?
The book I am working on now is another romance sci-fi but this one will be more centered around Earth and what is actually causing all the wars we have had over time. Readers, including myself, don't like to read the same thing over and over. I came up with idea one day while I was out walking at the park. The rest of the story will unfold as I write it. I never know fully where a story will go until it's finished.

New years goals?
Lol, I have lots of them! First, to write several more books. Second, pay off some bills which is probably a goal for alot of people. Third, take a vacation to Hawaii to visit my son and his wife who are moving there for active duty military.

Yes!! My husband and I restarted doing crafts. I used to do the craft shows a long time ago with my mom who passed away in May 2015. We decided to give it a try again. Our main projects include Mr. Bingle who we do in ornaments, wreaths, yard signs and wall hangers. We will have many more types of ornaments and plan on doing the craft shows from September to December. Crafting fills in the time when I am not writing.

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