Friday, November 6, 2015

Wolf Holiday Winter Solstice Run

Winter Solstice   Run

A Black Hills Wolves Mini Series-

Wolf's Holiday: Winter Solstice Run Book 1 (Black Hills Wolves 31)   by  Rebecca  Royce-

 Drew Tao is loving life. His pack is happy. And it’s time for the holidays. But his mate is keeping secrets and there is a crazy mother bear circling his borders. Can they survive the holidays or will everything fall apart? 

REVIEW-  Drew and Betty - and the rest of the Tao pack is getting  ready to celebrate the packs first Christmas holiday. Even though wolves doesn't celebrate the holiday the many humans in the pack  would like to continue the celebration. Like humans problems a bound in the pack and the Alpha is trying to solve them.

   A holiday look at the Tao pack  with lots of the characters from the original Black Hill pack. A great story tying in familiar signs of the holiday with a new holiday twist. A lost wolf returns in Stewart the toy maker and Santa Paws makes a delivery of toys in a whole new way.  If you are a Black Hill fan don't miss this take on  Christmas wolf style.


Meet the author---


So, my name is Rebecca Royce and I write romance--in lots of genres. Paranormal. Science Fiction. Fantasy. Contemporary. Young Adult.

If you'd like more information about my work, please check out my website Over there, you can sign up for my newsletter, which will give you the most up to date information. Also, I have to admit, I practically live on social media So come say hi on Facebook or Twitter.

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