Monday, November 9, 2015

Irresistible Deceptions- Out Today

He'll either be her salvation or her ruin...                   

After five years on the run, Nicky Guimond Everson's location is exposed, and she's forced to come out of hiding to keep her son safe. Wary and suspicious, she'll have to trust a stranger if she is to bring her illegal-arms-dealing ex-husband to justice once and for all. But resisting the arrogant but sexy security specialist isn't as easy as she first thought.
For Rhy McLean, the mission comes first. The job is his only love, but as he works with Nicky to catch his brother's killer, her strength and loyalty melt the ice encasing his heart. She's not at all the woman he expected her to be. But Rhy has a dark secret he's been keeping from her and everything is at risk if she finds out.

Review-    From  Net Galley-
An exciting book filled with D.C. politics -running ex-wife and a security expert on a mission. Nicky is a strong women running from an ex-husband thats an illegal arms dealer and Rhy a m an on a mission.
   This book had it all excitement- hot alpha men and a cute kid all great characters to make this book a great read. With background from D.C. to Arizona this couple fight and love and keeps the book moving toward a happy ending.

The Old Fashioned Alpha