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The Vampire Code

E.C. Adams
The Vampire Code
4 Star Review!!

An Adult Urban Fantasy Romance set in a United States where vampires are another oppressed minority in search of cultural acceptance, and featuring a ruling family that wants to change that — the Fiscards.

As part of their plan to connect with mainstream mortal America, when one of their own is unjustly accused of murdering a human, the Fiscards hire one of New York's hottest young attorneys — a young woman by the name Aurora Lake — to stand by them in Vampire Court.

But not every vampire wants to be assimilated, and not everybody approves of the obvious attraction between Aurora Lake and the vampire Sebastian Fiscard.

As they struggle with their own feelings and with unseen, ancient forces trying to put a stop to their work — and to Aurora — will Aurora and Sebastian overcome The Resistance? And what about their resistance to what their own hearts. mortal,& immortal know to be true.

E.C. Adams

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    My Review-of The Vampire Code-  I received this book from the author to read and right a honest review, My honest opinion is that this is a great book -something needed in the vampire gender of books. This book show vampire as real people and no sparkly need apply. Also this book is a book about love-family obligation-and justice. No -any system is flawed but this was done in a positive way. Also our characters were believable and the drama kept you turning the pages  until the end. I am so glad that this is only the first book because I am looking forward to reading the next books to see what happens

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