Monday, May 13, 2013

Legally Addicted

Lena Dowling
Harlequin Enterprises Australia
Escape Publishing

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From Net Galley
4 star


Georgia Murray’s one‐night‐stand with fellow Sydney lawyer and billionaire propertymagnate Brad Spencer was supposed to be just that – one‐off, fun. Case closed.

But Brad knows something Georgia doesn’t: their lives are about to become entwined in anunavoidable way. The tension smoulders towards ignition point, and Georgia is terrified tofind herself contemplating more from Brad, even the possibility of love – a concept with thepower to frighten her more than anything else in this world.

This is a very good story about a one night stand becoming so much more to the people involved. The man she had the one night stand becomes her boss and the action starts there. This book is a great contemporary romance with a nice plot and a great flow. This book is perfect for an afternoon read ,

Review- Sanctuary