Monday, May 13, 2013

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3 star -novella

Set in the world of the bestselling title Legend Beyond the Stars, an erotic novella about two warriors who have lost the ability to desire, and the human woman who is about to wake them up.

Fran must have been crazy to leave her ordinary, safe life and volunteer as a colonist to terra-form a new earth. Now she is trapped in a prison cell on an alien planet a zillion miles from home and bound for a hideous death in notorious research chambers.

She has one chance of escape: awaken the long dormant sexual urges of the Darkon Warriors shackled in the next cell.

It’s a desperate job, but someone has to do it.(

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my Review- This is a short book and can be read in one setting. This is not for the faint of heart- M-fM relationship and alien relationship. If you love a good space opera you might try this book. I wished it was a little longer to develop characters better but a good book.

One True mate Julie Trettle