Friday, April 26, 2013

Night Dreams

A Loveswept Classic Romance

Sandra Chastain
Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept


In this tender and seductive tale, a man with a tortured soul may have just found the one woman who can heal him.
Shannon Summers has no idea why she’s been summoned to the grand mountaintop estate of a very rich and very reclusive man. She only knows it has something to do with the character she created as an advertising agency artist, a character who is now the cartoon star of one of the hottest children’s programs on television. She has no interest in being swept up in the magnetic draw of the former international playboy Jonathan Dream—but fate has other plans.

Twice before in his life, Jonathan had allowed himself to care about someone, and each time tragedy had occurred. Now his scarred face is his punishment, the North Carolina mountains his sanctuary. Jonathan only invites the artist into his secret space to help cheer his young daughter. But the frisson of desire that rolls through him when he lays eyes on Shannon shakes him to his core. Could a woman who wants nothing to do with Jonathan’s fame and fortune find her way into his heart—and bring him back into the world?

 My Review- A short little romance between two people that really need each . They have there own problems but a girl in a wheelchair makes everything fade. An artist with a tragic pass and a Dad with scars are perfect for each other and sometimes a Christmas miracle is a good start for a push in the right directions- Lisa

One True mate Julie Trettle