Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Angel of Syn

                                      Angel of Syn     Martianna Geogia         4 star Review!!

Contemporary witch Cara Augustine is wanted by the Portalkind police. She broke a major covenant when she accidently made a werewolf her witch's familiar. That crime is considered enslaving a human-and the punishment is death. But even on the run as a fugitive, she quickly learns a Synemancer's life is never simple as she fends off an amorous Nephilim who has just learned he's a powerful combination of half-angel and half-witch, a treacherous and deranged French werewolf who wants to enslave her, and the darkly handsome, formidable Nightkind who is determined to marry her. Each powerful supernatural man has his own reasons for wanting to possess Cara, body and soul, and nothing will stop them from pursuing her. In an effort to escape the Portalkind police, Cara and her companions stumble into another dimension and find themselves in a strange Garden of Eden. But they quickly discover that this dangerous world, filled with strange creatures that are both deadly and beautiful, is no paradise. Can Cara survive this world and find her way home? And if she does, will it only be to face her execution for a crime she didn't mean to commit.

About the author-

Mertianna currently lives with her husband and three dogs (1 huge, 1 large, 1 small) in Northern California. She has a son who is attending college. After many years working as a professional manager while secretly wishing she was a writer, she took a detour from the corporate world to immerse herself into fictional worlds of her own making. Mertianna has accumulated multiple graduate degrees in business and survived years of doctoral studies in psychology, all of which undoubtedly has influenced how her characters behave or not behave as the case may be.

This is the second book in the series and the book-Syn in the City is highly recommended to be read before reading this book-lisa

     I received this book from netGalley and the publisher was kind enough to send me the first book to read.. I am so glad that I got to read both books because they flow beautiful together. Cara is a witch that has just come into to her powers but when they are released -Wow! She storms in like a hurricane. Yes-sometimes this character can be frustrating to read -but she is also very fun and enjoyable. Cara and company make for a great book and I could see multi books(Hint!)-from this author.  This book has everything a paranormal should -angels -shifters-demons-vampire and witches-and lastly glowing orbs!-Oh My-In some writers hands this could be confusing but this author holds it together and weaves a great story out of the diff rent actions. Hopefully we will see more books to follow-because with this great cast of characters and story line she has a great start to a wonderful series, Lisa

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