Thursday, April 18, 2013

Demon A La Mode!!!

4 Star Review
Demon A La Mode (Book 3 of the Book Waitress Series)
by Deena Remiel

Camille Dutton thinks she can save the world. But a rogue ice demon has no intention of letting her. At least not the way she's planned. Forced to hide out from Satan, they find much in common even though they couldn't be more different. Sparks fly as an undeniable force draws them together and they find out just how necessary he is to Camille's life.

Complications abound as they return to her home. Derek and friends are none too pleased with the new addition to their group. With Hell's portal opened, and beasties passing through every day, there isn't time to soothe emotions. Can the ice demon be trusted? Will this fragile group of vigilantes fall to pieces, allowing Satan to gain control over the world? Or will they rise up stronger and with new resolve? 

"I am the Book Waitress-A demon hunter-a demon slayer & a demon lover"

           My Review ! Another outstanding book in The Book Waitress Series-lots of action and conflict and a ice demon(but so hot)-And like Me you found this book to short and we will have to wait for the next one ( this is #3 of 13) -just kill us now!!!! But its a great short read into the life of our book waitress now demon slayer. These books just keep on getting better as we go along ! But I want give too many spoilers- 
           So go buy the book - meet the cast of characters  saying the planet from Doom-
and if you haven't read the first two books -the first book is Free and the second is .99-at your favorite online store! The Book Waitress Rocks!!!!

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