Thursday, March 21, 2013

Andrew Stock -Gabe's Plan

Gabe Mapel is the young District Attorney of Pine Springs, Colorado--winter playground to the rich and famous. Gabe has long suffered from depression, but recently his mental health has gotten worse. He thinks a spirit from the past is telling him to grab fame and political power by prosecuting movie star Chad Tibbs for a crime he didn't commit. With a mark as rich and powerful as Chad, however, Gabe can't go it alone; what he needs is an accomplice... 

Enter Kaila Eckman. You can find Kaila steaming lattes at Mountain Java in downtown Pine Springs. But Kaila is not just another cute barista; she's a whip-smart Swarthmore grad with a very bright future. The only reason she's back in Pine Springs is because she has unfinished business with a boy: Gabe Mapel. Kaila has been in love with Gabe since she was a little girl. Unfortunately, to finally win his affection she'll have to seduce Chad Tibbs and falsely accuse him of doing terrible things.

        Review- Andrew Stock gifted me this book for a honest review! Thanks-
  Gabe's Plan  is a book about a plan in a rash moment going very wrong for all of the right reason. Gabe returns from war depressed and missing a leg. He's trying to sell a book about his accident and a DA in Pine Spring ,Colorado. His childhood friend and neighbor is Kaila  and Gabe plan to accuse the local movie star of rape and make a headline case of it. Kaila and Gabe goes through with it but with side effects-Gabe;s book get sold and they murder Gabes assistant to keep there secrets. With the help of Honest Abe Gabe wins the case and goes on to run for Congress! Not my usual read but well written and great cast of characters.

Reaper Unleashed