Thursday, March 21, 2013

Andrew Stock -Gabe's Plan

Gabe Mapel is the young District Attorney of Pine Springs, Colorado--winter playground to the rich and famous. Gabe has long suffered from depression, but recently his mental health has gotten worse. He thinks a spirit from the past is telling him to grab fame and political power by prosecuting movie star Chad Tibbs for a crime he didn't commit. With a mark as rich and powerful as Chad, however, Gabe can't go it alone; what he needs is an accomplice... 

Enter Kaila Eckman. You can find Kaila steaming lattes at Mountain Java in downtown Pine Springs. But Kaila is not just another cute barista; she's a whip-smart Swarthmore grad with a very bright future. The only reason she's back in Pine Springs is because she has unfinished business with a boy: Gabe Mapel. Kaila has been in love with Gabe since she was a little girl. Unfortunately, to finally win his affection she'll have to seduce Chad Tibbs and falsely accuse him of doing terrible things.

        Review- Andrew Stock gifted me this book for a honest review! Thanks-
  Gabe's Plan  is a book about a plan in a rash moment going very wrong for all of the right reason. Gabe returns from war depressed and missing a leg. He's trying to sell a book about his accident and a DA in Pine Spring ,Colorado. His childhood friend and neighbor is Kaila  and Gabe plan to accuse the local movie star of rape and make a headline case of it. Kaila and Gabe goes through with it but with side effects-Gabe;s book get sold and they murder Gabes assistant to keep there secrets. With the help of Honest Abe Gabe wins the case and goes on to run for Congress! Not my usual read but well written and great cast of characters.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Deuces Wild Ridgeville 5

                  Deuces Wild    Celia kyle            4 star!!!

Squirrel shifter Elly has been captured by Freedom, beaten, and then handed off to be raped. Only her new hotter-than-hell jailor, Deuce Pierce, isn’t keen on forcing her and is all about saving her curvy, furry ass and getting her to safety. After she’s freed, she can’t forget about the lion who saved her life, and she hunts for him, determined to find the man who haunts her.

The council has tried to keep Deuce separated from Elly, convinced he’s abused her in some way, as if he would hurt his mate. He finally beats (literally) her location out of one of their soldiers, only to find she lives in the hometown he’d vowed to leave behind. His lush squirrel may be happy to see him, but the townspeople and their families take up where the council left off. Good thing he and Elly have wicked teeth, sharp claws, a gun or two, and more love than any two people ought to share. Because no one is going to separate them, come hell, high water, or shot-out knees.(

              My Review-   This is book #5 in the Ridgeville series! and they get better as time goes on. I downloaded this as soon as it was released- I love the gang from Ridgeville Pride and cant wait for the next book to see who joins the pride! Elly is our newest member a squirrel shifter who has been kidnaped by  Freedom. Deuce a lion shifter is undercover with Freedom and saves Elly from Freedom and finds out she is his mate. Not all goes smooth when Deuce has to return to his old hometown to claim his mate. Secreats are reveled but nothing can stop the heat from our Lion and Elly. Lots of shifter mating and power struggle but all is not lost. Maya 9Prima and the gang ) is there to save the day!!!    top Maya Quote " You should always have a freezer full of ice cream.You never know who's gonna s by."  

Caded Warrior- out June 25th!!

                  Caged Warrior       Lindsay Piper      4 star!

The first installment in this fierce and sensual new paranormal romance series features demonic gladiators, ruthless mafia villains, and a proud race on the brink of extinction.

Ten years ago, Audrey MacLaren chose to marry her human lover, making her an exile from the Dragon Kings, an ancient race of demons once worshiped as earthly gods. Audrey and her husband managed to conceive, and their son is the first natural-born Dragon King in a generation—which makes him irresistible to the sadistic scientist whose mafia-funded technology allows demon procreation. In the year since her husband was murdered, Audrey and her little boy have endured hideous experiments.

Shackled with a collar and bound for life, Leto Garnis is a Cage warrior. Only through combat can Dragon Kings earn the privilege of conceiving children. Leto uses his superhuman speed and reflexes to secure the right for his two sisters to start families. After torture reveals Audrey’s astonishing pyrokenesis, she is sent to fight in the Cages. If she survives a year, she will be reunited with her son. Leto is charged with her training. Initially, he has no sympathy for her plight. But if natural conception is possible, what has he been fighting for? As enemies, sparring partners, lovers, and eventual allies, Leto and Audrey learn that in a violent underground world, love is the only prize worth winning

            My Review- got this from Edwlweiss for honest review. First I would like to say that this will be released in June 25th ! So this will be a teaser !
      This is the first in the series and No dragon shifters are involved -but lots of hot alpha males -bad guys  and great strong alpha females!!!! A great book to start this series!!!

Choosing Riley 4 Stars Review!!

Riley St. Claire has always followed her own rules. When she discovers her current employer is not as law abiding as she thought, she has to leave town in a hurry or end up buried with the dead guy she discovered. What she doesn't expect is to find herself being picked up by a passing trader from another world.

As the ruling King of Sarafin, Vox d’Rojah, was expected to produce a son who would be joined in marriage with the first born daughter of the King of Valdier. The problem was Vox had no intentions of having any sons, at least not in the near future. He was quite happy with the wide selection of females he had at his disposal. When he is captured by a ruthless Valdier royal and sold to a mining operation the last thing he expected to find with his bride mate.

Vox isn't sure which would be easier: fighting another war with the Valdier or capturing and holding onto the human female who is unlike anything he has ever encountered before.

Now, Vox has to escape back to his world while fighting pirates, traders, and Riley!

The King of Sarafin has met his match with Ms. Riley St. Claire from Earth. Now, he just needs to figure out a way to let her know he has chosen her as his Queen and he has every intention of keeping her by his side forever.

      My Review --- This book is based on characters from the Dragon Lord Series.-but a stand alone book . I purchases this book as soon as it came out. If you have not read any of S.E. Smith books you have missed  some great books. I would recommend any of her books -they will make you laugh -cry and cheer for the underdog and the best hot alpha hero's!!    
        Riley has been kidnap from earth with her large purse of goodies and a suitcase-everything a women needs by slave traders. They dont realize what they are in for -she has a way of taking charge and ends with 5 mates. Vox and his men are part of Rileys mates but he is her true mate. They escape the slavers and head home to Vox homeworld to make Riley Queen. Not all goes smooth but its a fun -hot story of love and conflict. Great Book and check out the authors other books!!
                                         S.E. Smith


                                               Predatory             From Net Galley        4 star

Four of today’s most exciting paranormal authors take readers into the thrilling realm of vampires, immortals, and other supernatural beings with a thirst for illicit desire...

Out Of Control by Alexandra Ivy

Ph.D student Angela Locke has a crush on her sexy professor, Dr. Nikolo Bartrev. When she learns he’s actually a Sentinel with extraordinary powers, she joins forces with him to catch a psychopath. But soon, their hottest pursuit is of each other...

Ties That Bind by Nina Bangs
Cassie Tyler agrees to sub for her friend at the funeral home where she works. But she gets more than she bargained for when a group of men attack her and a vampire comes to her rescue… 

In Still Darkness by Dianne Duvall

Immortal Richart d’Alençon can’t forget the woman who rewarded him with a sensuous kiss after he saved her from a trio of vampires. While Richart knows that loving a human can only bring trouble, the taste of forbidden lust is too great to resist…

High Stakes by Hannah Jayne
When vampire fashionista Nina LaShay’s design contest rival is found dead, she’s the prime suspect. Sexy photographer Pike is number two. He’s the kind of man who makes Nina salivate. But will she have to reveal herself to have him—and to save them both? Or does Pike have a secret of his own?

               My Review-     Need I say more- a great book from 4 great paranormal authors- A quick read of 4 story of vampires-immortals and the  people that love them. A very enjoyable read and great chracters in all the books. A great way to learn about new authors or new series.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wed- From Echo Falls to Fading Echoes!


  Fading Echo's   Book 2         Jamie McDougell               4 star review!!!!

          In a town full of werewolves and legends, Charlotte Peterson is unique. As the first ‘pure-bred’ werewolf in Echo Falls, she struggles to fit in even amongst her pack.

When Dr. Adam Baker arrives in town, Charlotte is forced to balance their growing friendship with her need to keep the pack’s secrets – and her own. But she is not the only one keeping secrets and Adam’s past could threaten them all.

That is not the only danger. Compass, the genetic research company intent on isolating the ‘werewolf gene’, will do whatever it takes to gain the final advantage over all werewolves. Compass CEO Calvin Stephens has a very special plan in mind for Charlotte…

Time is running out for Charlotte and the pack as Calvin’s plans near completion. In a town where secrecy is the key to survival, can Charlotte trust Adam to help her? Or has she revealed the deadliest secret of them all?     

My Review- After reading Echo Falls (book 1) and if you ha vent you should - I downloaded the second book as soon as it was available. This second book takes place 20 years in the future -baby Charlotte is grown  up to be a full grown werewolf of great powers but with lots of questions from her past. Our Alpha pair from Echo Falls has a son but not all is quite in Echo Falls. Charlotte thinks that the pack has lost touch with -The Hunters from her childhood. And Charlotta thinks something is going on at the new medical center in town and she is so right. 
          Charlotte love interest in this book is Adam  a temporary doctor at the hospital and secretes he doesn't want to share. Charlotte and Adam -and help from there friends flush out the Hunters and save the pack for another day. This book has lots of twist and turns that you will enjoy and hot werewolf action , You will notice new characters as well as some new members to the Echo Falls town,but in all its an enjoyable book. Cant wait for the next one-Hint! Hint!!! Lisa


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sundy Read Dream On

                                Dream On     Anne Conley             Read 4 Review Group  
                                                          4   star****

Alyssa and Dalton lead completely opposite lives. She's a frustrated single mother, unappreciated school teacher, and completely unfulfilled woman. He's been living the crazy life for way too long, and doesn't know how to make himself stop. They just keep going in their separate existences until the dreams start. Then they realize that there is so much more out there than the lives they are currently living.

Warning: Some content not suitable for under 18 years of age(less)

My Review---- First I would like to say Thank you to Anne Conley for letting me read her book Dream on in the Goodreads group Read 4 Review.  This book is so much more than the book description. Its a book of two lost souls finding themselves and coming home. Yes it has a hot rancher-(Man Whore) as a leading man but he grows up and finds what is really important-family and a women to love. Our Love interest is a divorced mother of 2 school teacher that needs a bad boy to free her inner women. I was sorry to see the book end because I started to care about the characters. I cant wait to read more books from this talented writer.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Elixxer by Deena Remiel

Deena Remiel               Elixxer(Brethrean Book)               4 star****

Callie has secrets, too many to count.

For twenty years she’s been living a lie as Callie Worthington, hiding from the monsters who brutally murdered her parents for possession of the Elixxir of Life. Unsuccessful before, their killers have found her and will stop at nothing to acquire the Elixxir. And see her dead.

Nathanael has a couple of secrets, too. A nasty one in particular blurs the line separating Good from Evil. As an immortal Brethren Warrior, though, he must retrieve the Elixxir before it falls into the wrong hands. Just how he’s going to get it out of Callie’s is the big question.

Tempers flare as Callie and Nathanael reach out to each other with their own hidden agendas. She needs his protection. He needs the Elixxir. Will their fiery passion lead to lasting love, or will their web of intrigue ultimately destroy them both?

Secrets, lies, and love’s loyalties tested. What price for immortality? What price for love?

My Review-  I got this as an advance copy  as a member of the street team. First I would recommend that you read the other books in the series -but this can definitely be a stand alone book. But its nice to know the background of the series to enjoy fully this book.
  This book is the story of Callie and Nathananeal and how they find each other and battle good vs evil. The Brethren wants the Elixxer of Life that cant grant immorality and Callie holds the secrets of its location With the balance of Good vs Evil is threatened all hands are on deck as our Angel battles himself and the Demons of Callies past -Will love win? Will the Brethren Win? Demons find the key? Buy the book and find out -you will love it-     Lisa

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Free Read Wed- Demon of Synar!


       Donna Mc Donald           The Demon of Synar                      4 stars****

Being captain of his own rescue ship is the kind of life Captain Liam Synar always dreamed of living. Being a master of his family’s hereditary demon was never in his plans because his brother had been trained for the purpose. Yet what choice did his father have when Conor's evil came to light? Reluctant or not, Liam is the only Synar left to rule Malachi. Now his exiled brother hunts him to capture the demon while Liam stays on the run and saves Peace Alliance ambassadors in his spare time. As if that isn’t enough trouble to handle, his mate, Ambassador Ania Looren, now unknowingly hosts his family’s demon inside her body. Liam sent Malachi into her to save her life after Conor’s men almost killed her. And though Liam hadn't wanted to, there had been no choice but to abandon her two years ago. His plan of keeping both her and the demon safe from Conor had worked, but his success at hiding what he'd done has finally reached an end. His next rescue has to be his estranged mate before Conor finally figures out the truth.

After accepting only one mate in her long life, Ambassador Ania Looren is now wishing the number had remained at zero forever. Mating Captain Liam Synar is turning out to be the worst mistake she ever made. Something happened after Liam abandoned her, something more than just the pain of losing her chosen male from her life. Something about his absence has stripped away the peaceful enlightenment she struggled years to achieve. Now she can’t meditate, can’t pray, and her compassion for other creatures seems to be dying. She is becoming again the kind of person she’s spent her existence trying not to be. On top of that, she’s been accused of murdering three males who attacked her and her family. She doesn’t even remember what happened that day. Now Liam is back and demanding she go with him to his ship. What choice does she have? Ania reluctantly agrees because it’s a better fate than being arrested and put through social reconditioning on her planet. The half life she’s been living for two years is no more worth keeping than her mating commitment to a male who obviously hadn’t wanted her after all.

  Free Read Wed----- A Gem of a book that I got for Free!!! First I would like to say take Chance on the Free Read- there is some great books waiting to be discovered!
         This book is a "Space Opera" I love that definition. So much more than just one book-but this is a series of books and we are introduced to an assortment of characters on board this space ship in a continuing saga. This book is about our ship captain and his mate -that he saved by putting his family Demon inside her -to save her life on there wedding day. He comes back two years later after tracking the bad guys to an unhappy mate and more trouble brewing.This story is only the first book and like any good opera more books are in the line up-Not your typical happily ever after but a great story -that will keep you reaching for the next book!    Lisa

Crimson Debt

4 .5 Review

                         Crimson Debt         Evangeline Anderson                              

Addison Godwin is a Non-Glam—one of the one in ten thousand humans who is immune to vampire glamour and mind tricks. Her gift enables her to work as an Auditor, enforcing the law that vampires and humans keep their distance from each other except in a purely non-physical way. The law is necessary because when a vampire tries to have sex with a human their blood-lust combines with their sexual appetite and the result looks like road kill.

Alec Corbin is a Four Star Master Vampire with piercing blue eyes and intentions to get Addison into his bed. He promises he can be gentle but Addison has seen way too many vamp/human crime scenes to go for that. She has no interest in the six foot four hunk of sexy vampire man candy, even if he is supernaturally hot.

But just because she Audits (and sometimes executes) vampires for a living, doesn't mean she hates them all. Her best friend, Taylor, was turned against her will. Now, living as a slave to one of the crueler Master vamps in town, she leads a miserable existence and Addison helpless to save her within the confines of the law.

Things come to a head when the Vampire Inquisitor comes to town and Taylor is given to him as a sex slave. When Addison sees her best friend tortured, beaten, and burned with silver she knows she has to do something—even if it means teaming up with Corbin and paying the Crimson Debt.

    My Review - I was one of the lucky 20 that got a copy of her book-and it is with great pleasure that I write this book review! The Crimson Debt is so much more than another vampire book -its a book about friendship -love-self-worth and honour all wrapped around a vampire book. Addison is the friend we all wish we have or want to be-willing to do anything for a friend  turned against her will into a vampire.Even to go to a master vampire and offer herself to get Taylor out of a bad situation. Corbin our master vampire saves her friend but complication happen as always with vampires and our story gets hot and steamy. I will let you read for yourself but Ms. Anderson's doesn't let her fans down - Go out and buy the book and find out the Crimson Debt you want be disappointed!! And look forward to book 2-Taylor's story coming soon!!!!     Lisa

The Old Fashioned Alpha