Thursday, February 28, 2013

Guardian of the Realm Thursday Request


       Guardian of the Real   Krystal McLauglian               ARC copy from author          4 star****

The Darkness
Taken when she was just seven years old, Esmeralda has very little memory of her life before the Realm. Power has always been her constant companion, protection has been her only goal, and acceptance by the magic she guards has always been her only wish. That is until the darkness comes... and with it comes the one person who can give her the greatest power of all... love.

The Light
Losing his mother at a young age, Eric has always been the responsible one; the strong one. He'd had to be. His sister Kaitlyn had needed him. Now with Kaitlyn missing he is thrown into a world of secrets and deception. A world that until this moment he knew nothing about... a world that he is more a part of than he could have ever known. With darkness descending and time running out, can he become the man he is destined to be? Or will he fail and lose the girl he has come to love?

The Realm
Beyond the doorway is a World of Enchantment and Myth. A world that once entered will grant you any wish your heart may desire... but only if you can get beyond... the Guardian.                                                 

     My Review- I got this ARC copy from the author and it was a joy to read! No Tinkerbell -story here in fairy land(the Realm) is a land of magic of both dark and light no no mortal may enter. Without giving to much away this story is the story of the guardian but so much more. Its a story of finding your true self and dreams in a place of magic. Essie our guardian is questioning her worthiness of guarding the realm - and her magic. Eric is looking for his sister taken to the realm by the fairies and marked to be the next guardian But a bigger plot is happening in the background there is a battle between light and dark -human and fairy world and all our players are involved in this story- But you will have to read the book to see the out come-In this modern fairy tale - a handsome prince finds love and  a guardian 's life is changed on a wish!!!!      lisa

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