Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Born into Fire

          Born into Fire      KyAnn Waters & Tarah Scott            31/2   Star                                                    

Ryalda, the Element heroes of old, leak from the void and bring with them beauty, desire...and destruction.

Ryalda--the Element heroes of old--leak from the dark void of nothingness, Ghen, and bring with them beauty, desire...and destruction.

Air Element, Erion aches to feel the heat of Kenna's emerging fire. However, merging his wind with the woman on the cusp of transformation comes with great risk. A risk he's unwilling to take. But with a male Fire Element intent on enslaving Kenna, Erion reconsiders his vow. To protect her, they must merge, but he will not bond his wind with her fire.

Aspiring glassblower, Kenna Lang finally has a showing that could launch her career—with Drakaura, blown glass replicas of the dragons of her dreams. A chance meeting with Erion ignites an attraction hotter than the furnace used to blow glass. Drawn into an erotic joining, Kenna is born into fire. Now her world is going up in flames.

Merged as Air and Fire, their power is unimaginable. However, both are unprepared for the emotions awakened by their joining and the timeless battle waged against them. Only together can they defeat their enemies, both Element and Dragon, and escape the darkness of Ghen.      

My Review-  First thing this book is to short only 164 pages would have loved more from this great writing team. This is a total shift in paranormal to Elemental gifts as in Fire  merged with Air -and can I say there some Dragons thrown in too.A great start to a new series I hope because I would like to read more from this series -felt like this was only a glimpse into this new series. 

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